Let us come to you.

Pulled pork and sides at a memorial service.

Family Affairs

Family events often center around food, but you don't always have the time to prepare it. Let Meat Wagon do the work in the kitchen for you. Be it a birthday celebration, family reunion, engagement party or memorial service, Meat Wagon can tailor their menus and their services to fit your needs.

Pulled pork sandwiches and sides.

Just a little help, or the whole kit and caboodle.

Do you just need some barbequed meats for your family reunion? We can do that. Do you want to celebrate at the graduation party? We can provide the food, set up and break down the service line, and serve your guests. 

Guests at a backyard BBQ

We're here for you.

Meat Wagon prides itself on the food and service provided. Big or small, casual or elegant, we are always here for you. Our food is always fresh and prepared just for you.